Prevent Snare Rash with the NOMO Finish Protector

Snare Rash is the chipping, scratching and gouging of the Tom shell caused by contact with the Rim and Tuning Screws of the Snare Drum. Snare Rash can destroy the beauty of a drum, and will destroy its value. Snare Rash is a problem that all drummers must deal with.

The NOMO Finish Protector is the solution!

It is a simple device that will prevent the chipping, scratching and gouging of Snare Rash. The NOMO Finish Protector is a 6" X 5" pad, it is suspended from the lugs of your Tom Tom and rests freely between the Tom shell and the heavy metal rim of the snare drum. The NOMO pad will protect the finish of the Tom for years.

The NOMO Finish Protector will protect any drum, any size. Installation is quick and easy, just tie it on. No drilling, No nuts and bolts, and No screws.

Studio drummers, Gigging drummers, basements to the big stages, drummers need the NOMO Finish Protector.

Owners of Vintage kits, Classic Kits, Tribute Kits, New and Old kits, High End or Custom kits, Original Wrap or Rewrapped kits, Wooden, Acrylic and even Metal Kits will benefit from the NOMO Finish Protector.



Why a NOMO Finish Protector?

A number of years ago I purchased a pre-owned Ludwig VistaLite kit on Ebay. The drums had been painted, and there were scratches and gouges into the paint and shells. I was able to remove the paint and primer by sanding down to the bare shells, which are the solid white color. The sanding, however, also removed the original gloss from the shell, so I had no choice but to repaint them. The drums sound like thunder, as big as the sky, With the help of my friends at a local auto body shop we mixed a soft blue color to represent the sky, and repainted them in the body shop paint booth. I knew I needed to protect the new paint and the shells from any new damage, but how would I do that? One thought kept coming back, "just put something between the tom and the snare". But what, and how?

The NOMO (No More Scratches!) Finish Protector.

The NOMO Finish Protector, as it is today, is a 6x5" piece of heavy vinyl, it looks like leather, and will last for years. It is tied to the tuning screws of the tom, using a leather lace, and it hangs freely along the shell preventing scratching and gouging by the rim of the snare drum. I've also been using a NOMO Finish Protector on my Bass Drum shell, to prevent gouging from the lower rim of the tom, and now we offer a 6x8" size for bass drums. Recently, someone asked about a Protector for their bass drum hoop and pedal contact.

If you have a need, we can make the NOMO Finish Protector to your special order, that is not a problem.

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